Store Rules

Rules of the "" Shop:

1. Transparent and Beneficial Purchase Terms:
1.1 We ensure that all accounts are sold exclusively to a single user, ensuring the security and confidentiality of your virtual space.
1.2 In the event that accounts become non-functional due to the store's fault (for instance, account deletion or errors in account information), we commit to replacing them with equivalent ones to ensure you get the most out of our services.
1.3 If for any reason the store cannot provide replacement accounts, we will refund you the full purchase amount, prioritizing your satisfaction.
1.4 Valuing your time, we strive to promptly address any inquiries. Therefore, we pledge to respond to customer support inquiries within 24 hours of receipt.
1.5 Waiver of guarantees can be applied in case of violation of section 3 and its subsections, underscoring the importance of adhering to the account usage rules.
1.6 Likewise, a waiver of guarantees may occur if a buyer takes actions after accessing an account, to ensure account security.
1.7 Waiver of guarantees applies if a buyer contacts support more than 24 hours after purchase, to facilitate effective interaction and timely issue resolution.

2. Terms of Account Acquisition:
2.1 The buyer commits to acquaint themselves with the service rules to use our services most effectively. This guarantees carefree purchases and enjoyment of our accounts.
2.2 By confirming payment for a product, the buyer also confirms familiarity with the service rules, emphasizing their responsible approach to purchases.
2.3 It's important to review the product description to choose accounts that best suit your needs.
2.4 The buyer acquires as many accounts as they can use at the present time, ensuring maximum efficiency.
2.5 Mistakenly purchased accounts are not subject to compensation or exchange for others, highlighting the need for attentiveness during purchases.
2.6 Immediately after purchase, the responsibility for the account's credentials falls upon the buyer, providing additional account protection.

3. Requirements for Account Usage:
3.1 We recommend using IPv4 proxies for account usage to ensure security and stability.
3.2 Using VPN services for account work is prohibited, thereby ensuring protection from unauthorized access.
3.3 We recommend avoiding the use of public, shared, and IPv6 proxies for account work, providing an additional level of security.
3.4 Working with private proxies should be individual for each account, ensuring their confidentiality and uniqueness.
3.5 One account shouldn't be used simultaneously with others on one device without changing the device's fingerprint, guaranteeing security and stability.
3.6 Using accounts on virtual machines, simulators, emulators, VPS, and VDS servers is prohibited, ensuring account security.
3.7 Using the IP address of your own physical machine for account work is prohibited to avoid potential risks and threats.

4. The Shop Doesn't Guarantee:
4.1 Protection of accounts from theft, hacking, password guessing, etc. Please ensure maximum protection of account data yourself.
4.2 Storage of paid goods in places accessible to third parties (public chats, shared Google spreadsheets, passing goods to third parties)