About us

cool Who We Are:

The .gfarm Team – experienced professionals in the field of account farming.
Our work experience spans over 4 years, allowing us to take pride in our extensive expertise and deep knowledge in this domain.
We always strive for innovative approaches and continuously study the platforms on which we operate.

TikTokAcc.store is a product of our .gfarm team, specializing in working with TikTok accounts.
We effectively blend our account farming expertise with a focus on TikTok, offering reliable and advantageous solutions.


enlightened About Our Professional Activities:

- Our competencies encompass account farming on various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok.
- We provide outsourcing farming services, taking into account the individual needs of each partner.
- Our experience in dealing with diverse directions allows us to approach tasks from various angles and find the best solutions.


heart  Our Values:

- We value and adhere to principles such as family, happy living, and spirituality.
- The .gfarm team thrives on a spirit of unity and mutual respect, fostering efficient collaboration.
- Our values also include the principle of a win-win situation for all parties involved – we uphold the win-win model in our business relationships.
- This is us – the .gfarm and TikTokAcc.store team. We offer not only quality TikTok Ads account farming services, but also our partnership for successful and productive collaboration.